Heartbreak in Vedic astrology

Heartbreak in Vedic astrology


In our life, we all even once heard about the word astrology. And still, there are a lot of families and persons who can believe in the Vedic astrology. In which through planets and houses positions the kundli can analyse and predictions of the future life can be done. And the most thing that is the reason for trouble in the life of a person is a love relationship. But those individuals who continue into a healthy relationship. Surely thinks that how love is a problem. But ask from those whose heart can get braked. How problematic all things can be in their life. And through heartbreak in Vedic astrology. You can know more about your love life through your kundli,  success in love vedic astrology.

What are the planets which are responsible for having a breakup?

Well, no lover wants that any bad time can come in their life. Due to which they have to face a lot of complications into the physical relationship in astrology.  And they all the time consider them self as the unluckiest person. That by putting the efforts. They still have to face a lot of complications. But actually, there are certain planets as per the Vedic astrology. That is responsible for the breakup and heartbreak of a person.

Which planet is responsible for love marriage? 

Rahu effect on love life in hindi Like mars and Rahu usually have a strong influence in the kundli of the person. When their positions are inappropriate and form the combinations with the venus as well as the Jupiter. Then it is so definite that the problems can arise and relationships can get braked.

What are the reasons due to which the person heart can break?

  • The first one is the 6th house and the 8th house. That is responsible for bringing the violence into the love relationship. Due to which the relationship can end with a breakup and lovers heart get braked.
  • The other one is the 12th house. That is responsible to increase the expenses in the life of a person. And when the Saturn which is responsible for the sacrificing into the relationship. And that sacrifice in terms of love. Then it is possible that due to such dasha the relationship passes through difficulties and ends with a breakup.
  • Along with that when the venus gets placed into the house. with the combination of sun. Which is responsible for brings the fire in between the lovers and separates the lovers. Then definitely the relationship will ruin.

Is there is any time according to make a love relationship?

Yes of course there is a specific time for doing any particular activity. That we also called as the shubh muhrat. And these timings are so sure to indicate your lover loves you. Because if we any certain thing in our life like purchasing a house, investing ana mount in the business, celebrating any special moment. We always check the accurate time. Then why not in case of love. Checking the time for making the love relationship helps and even protects you from heavy feelings like heartbreak.

  • The first one is that when the 10th house in the ascendants is strongly influenced. Then your lover loves you and also have feelings towards you.
  • Along with that, the formations of love relationships or the marriage relationship can be analysed through the 7th house lord. If it is empty then lesser complications in the relationship and you may likely to befall in a love relationship. But if gets fulfilled with any other planet like venus, sun, mars and Rahu or house like 5th. Then problems can arise.
  • As well the 9th house lord is always ahead of the 5th house lord. Then this dasha in your birth chart can be responsible for forming the love relationships and get all your love problem solutions.

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