Second marriage line in palmistry

Second marriage line in palmistry


Is your marriage is at risk? If the complications can arise because of the husband-wife disputes. Or the condition of any of the one partner is not proper like he or she is at the stage of death. Then it might be possible that the second marriage of the other one can happen. But by the help of astrology, this can get to know and even our love marriage astrologer can check the second marriage line in palmistry. 

Where is the marriage line shown in the hand of the person?

The marriage line is one by the help of which the marriage prediction of the person can be done. As this line is usually present below the little finger or we can say it is also called as the mount of mercury. As it happens in most of the cases that many of the persons have two lines that are parallel to each other. This means that their first marriage gets to end with the divorce, both of the partners get separated or any if the one will not more alive in the future.

How to check the love marriage line in female hand?

Well, the line in your hand that is in the influence of the venus and by crossing from there join the heart line. Thus, it is the by the help of which you can check that love marriage is present in the kundli of the person or not.

What is the role of multiple marriage lines?

As if you have the multiple marriages lines in your hand when you will check your palmistry. And if you will find several marriage lines in your hand. Then it means that you have more than one love relationship or marriage in your life. That is a term we can say like the second marriage line. This line is present in our hand because either your relationship gets to end with a divorce. You both get separated from each other or due to your spouse dies. So these are some of the possible ways. Because of which the second marriage or multiple marriage lines are present in your hand.

What is the divorce line in the female hand?

If in case a long line is present and even it starts from the Venus mount. And reaches to the mercury mount by cutting the marriage line in your hand. Either this marriage line is one or multiple. Then it is the sign that indicates you have a divorce in your life. As it ends with any of the reason, either disputes, conflicts, arguments or any other possible reason could be.


At the end of this, we are likely to let you know. That if you are ended with your first marriage due to any of the reason. And wants to move on in our life. Then it is possibly happening you can take the help of our palm astrologer. And he can tell you about your marriage life by studying your hand lines. For more details, you can call us anytime on 91-8290613225.

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